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In the order that I think I joined, these are the games that I'm still active in:

'Random Xtras' (been playing this for nearly 20 years).
'Kingdom of Knuffel' (Only kinda play, I'm there for one talk thread and to dress the avatar).
'Dragon Tavern'.
'Chicken Smoothie'.
'Trisphee' forum.
'Pokefarm Q'(Only kinda play. I'm there to friend click and take care of my party).
'Wizard101' (Mostly just play with friends).
'Bushwhacker 2'.
'Dungeon Blitz' (Play only once in awhile, with one friend.)
'Pirate101' (Play once in a blue moon.)

I don't really play this anymore, but keep the pets and go look at them once in a blue moon.

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